Marco Polo International Airport

The airport is 12 Km by road and 10 km from Venice and there are convenient pubblic connections using both means of transport.

By road from the Airport:
  • Bus service for Piazzale Roma:
    The Airport is linked to Venice (P. le Roma) by road and the public bus companies are ACTV and ATVO. Price of an ACTV one hour bus ticket 3,50 euro The ticket is valid for 60 minutes and may be used on all local routes in Mestre and Lido and is only valid one way. Block of 10 one-hour ticket 9,00 euro The tickets are valid only if the block is kept intact. Single tiket cannot be taken from the block. These can be bought at any ACTV ticket office or authorized ticket seller and at the ACTV main ticketing office at P. le Roma and Lido. Price of the ATVO tickets from the Airport to P. le Roma 3,00euro. The bus takes 30 minutes.
  • Private road taxi serviced for P. le Roma:
    The cost of a taxi from the Airport by road is 90,00 euro. Once you have arrived at P. le Roma you can use the public boat service or you can take for a private water taxi.
  • Public service:
    ACTV boats (motoscafi) leavce every 10-12 minutes (each tickets 3,50 euro). The boat route connecting P. le Roma to San Silvestro (where the hotel is located) is the line N° 1. The boat stop is San Silvestro.
  • Private service:
    The cost of a taxi from P.le Roma to the Hotel is 60,00 euro.
By boat from the Airport:

From the Airport you can also choose to reach the hotel by boat:

  • Private service:
    Private water taxi from the Airport to hotel 90,00 euro.
  • Public service – ALILAGUNA
    ALILAGUNA is the name of the public water transport system that links the Airport directly with Venice, St. Marco. The cost of the ticket is 5 euro, one way, and may be bought on board.
  • From S. Marco to the Hotel:
    After arriving at St. Marco to reach the hotel you can take a public ACTV boat, line N° 1. The boat leaves every 10 minutes. The ticket cost 3,50 euro and the hotel boat stop is San Silvestro.